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Let Your Body Rock (To the Beat) || Faberry 

Rachel quite literally rolled out of bed Friday morning and dragged herself to the bathroom to clean up for classes. She only had two today and dance was at the end of the day, thankfully, and she’ll be able to shower before heading to the party. She debated not going after the events of this week, but Kurt insisted and Rachel’s never really been able to deny him when he pouts. She was a zombie in her classes, her dance teacher sending her out early simply because she could not focus - of course, that was not without humiliating her in front of the entire class.

When she arrived back at her dorm Kurt was already there, sitting on her bed and talking to Tina, her finished outfit already laid out on the bed for her like she was a child. Of course, what child would be wearing a sexy school girl outfit? She greeted him and slipped into the bathroom to shower quickly and blowdry her hair when she was done. She wrapped her naked body in a towel and stepped out of the bathroom to glare at Kurt. She begged him not to make her go, but again, he insisted. She rolled her eyes as Kurt shoved her clothes at her, tailored to fit her figure better and show off her “sexier side”.

She got dressed in her shorted skirt and slipped on her spandex shorts beneath it and slipped on her oxford button up straight over her lacy, red bra. She tried to fight Kurt when he demanded the shirt be tied up at her waist to show off her midriff but, she promptly lost that fight when Tina interceded and compromised that she could bring a fitted cardigan, as long as she didn’t button it up at the party. Tina did her make up and Rachel curled her hair into tight ringlets that flowed over her shoulders. She finished off the look with knee high socks and the black pumps that she was skeptical about. However, all in all, she looked… sexy.

Tina dressed up as a goth, vampire princess or something to that affect - saying it’s something she just had in her closet from her high school days, figuring she’d keep up with the high school throwback theme going on. Kurt, however, outdid himself by dressing up in a Lady Gaga look: a Victorian wig, a silvery metallic tunic and leggings with high-pointed shoulder pads, completed with silver and bedazzled platform pumps. The shoes were Rachel’s favorite part, she had to admit. Kurt had such a talent for fashion, and it often got him in trouble in high school, being bullied for being so openly and flamboyantly gay.

They left for the party as soon as everyone was ready. They looked like quite the threesome as they walked down the streets of New York, but then again, in a city as big as New York, much stranger things have happened. Thankfully, Rubin hall wasn’t too far away because Kurt was already starting to complain tat his shoes hurt his feet. If she had to drag him home tonight she was going to be so mad. As soon as they got within a block of the dorm they could already hear the bass thumping through the concrete, and it sent chills up Rachel’s spine. They party literally took up the entire dorm building, from ground floor too rooftop. It was actually quite impressive and whoever’s birthday it was must have been pretty popular. They settled on the second floor, seeing as the party only appeared to get louder and more rowdy the high up the floor. Kurt and Tina immediately dragged her over to the drinks table and pouring her and each other drinks that were filled to the brim so they sloshed everywhere whenever they were jostled - and in a party this big, it was impossible not to get jostled.

First Tina disappeared, finding Mike in the corner and immediately became wrapped up in him. She leaned over to whisper - or rather yell - to Kurt that she was surprised she even made it over to the drinks table without finding someone to wrap herself around. She found him texting and raised a questioning eyebrow. He answered by showing her the name at the top of the contact - Adam - apparently the guy he’d met at the gym with her and Quinn. He announced he’s be meeting them there and she suddenly felt the need to finish her drink - most likely in preparation of being left alone.

Suddenly, there was a flash of red and white and blonde and when she looked up she was immediately pulled into a tight hug by Brittany. She reciprocated, thankfully not finding Quinn tagging along behind her - at least not yet. When she let go she noticed Kurt and screamed “Drunk Gay Dance Buddy!” and then pulled him into a bone crushing hug while giggling drunkenly. She’d obviously been here awhile. While she pulled Kurt away to dance while he waited for Adam she made herself another drink, all while keeping a vigilant eye out for Quinn. She still wasn’t quite sure whether she was excited or nervous to see her. Possibly a bit of both.

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